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What is it?

The Afghan Hound is a medium-large dog who was bred to chase and catch small animals over rough terrain in it's native country Afghanistan, and surronding areas. It is classifed as a Sighthound, along with Greyhounds, Saluki, Borzoi and Whippet.

An ancient breed with an independant nature, Afghan Hound in not the breed for everyone. At times headstrong, the Afghan is an aristocrat, a "King" amongst dogs. Their regal posturing ensures no one questions this reputation, until they see an Afghan in it's own surrounds. Only then does the facade drop and a playful, affectionate dog is revealed.

That's a lot of hair!

Covering the lean, muscular body of the Afghan Hound is thick silky hair. It requires constant attention to ensure the dog is comfortable and able to move freely. To keep an Afghan in full flowing coat takes 2-4 hours a week to maintain, while many are clippered short all over they still require a quick brush weekly.

I thought all Afghans were Blonde...

Afghan Hounds come in a tremendous range of colours and patterns. The darker colours are very popular among breeders and there are a large number of exotic colours available.

I want one!

Afghan Hounds are a high maintainance breed and not known for their obedience. It is important that you aquaint yourself thoroughly with the breed before taking one home.

Making contact with as many local breeders and owners in your local area is a great way to get to know the breed. If the breed is truly for you, you will never want to be without an Afghan again.